Ed Sowell's write up on rear glass replacement

Did anyone save Ed Sowell’s writeup on replacing the rear coupe glass seal? All of the links for the albums for the XJS on his website appear to be broken. I tried the Internet Archive, but none of the pictures were archived.

Any help would be appreciated.

Yes, most of the links at @Ed_Sowell @Ed_Sowell3 website seam to be broken.
Too bad because it’s a great site and has a tone of info.

As most of you know, Ed sold his XJS some time ago.(I believe he bought a XK8) Keeping a website running when you no longer own the car it represents requires a fair amount of dedication. (Ask me how I know) I am guessing that Ed knows the website is no longer fully functional but his current priorities does not include fixing it.

His summaries are still up as though he planned to maintain it, but the links are broken. I’m hoping someone saved the pictures and description.