EJAG magazine March 1990

I am looking for a specific issue of EJAG Magazine. It concerns the one of March (number 3) 1990. Would really like to have it. Have searched on the obvious places on internet already, but not successful sofar. I hope one of the forum members can help!

I have it among a fairly complete set of the issues.
What do you need

1967 OTS Golden Sand Metalic

Dear Richard, That is indeed the one I am looking for! Today I own the car on this cover page. I bought the car from the first owner and have it since 2000. I am aware of this article because the owner informed me about it when I bought the car, but never found the time to look for it, up till now.
I really would like to have this March 1990 issue myself. To be closer with the history of the car. Would it be possible to buy this magazine from you? If that is not possible, which I could understand, can you sent me a copy/PDF instead?
Kind regards, Edwin

Give me your address and I’ll send it to you.
Myles Richard

Dear Myles,
I just forwarded me my address details. But I am not sure you have received them. Let me know.