Engine bogging down in roundabout (when cold

Hi all

I have a weird symptom with my xj40 1990 daimler 4.0

Nearby my house is a roundabout. It happens when I start my car and go to this roundabout (still cold)

After going into it with 15-20mph and turning sharply, the engine bogs down to 500rpm for 0.5seconds and then goes back to running normally. (it sounds like a low frequency humming noise and the car vibrates quite a bit)

Its hard to replicate this, sometimes it happens in a roundabout, sometimes not, And it seems like it only happens when the car is cold.

Any idea what this could be?

Cheers Marmo

Your power steering pump is on its last legs, you have plenty of shine-o-brownish flakes in your fuel system, your differential gives bad sound as it’s dead, your battery terminals are not clamoed down.

  1. Try the same starionary (move steering wheel rapidly)
  2. Visit UK or Japan or go into roundabout other way around.

thanks for your input, tomorrow i will clamp my battery down and test some more.