Engine crank bearing shell number 1499. STD?

Good day, I working on a Jaguar xk 150 3.4L engine, now and put out one crankcase main bearing number 1499, but there is no where stamped STD, can anyone tell me if this is an oversized bearing?
The engine had STD pistons in it and very low mile age, so I wonder.

The only way to know for certain is to mic the crankshaft journal.

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Agreed. But I’ve yet to see a set of shells that didn’t have .010, .020 marked on them and it would be reasonable to assume standard sets have no markings, but I wouldn’t take that bet.

Even if they look great you’ll want to see if they’re on spec for round, so mic them anyway.

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Don’t: ever’ so often, some shells, if standard, had no indication: undersize, I’d never seen shells w/o that indication. It s always advisable to do the miccing, irrespective of markings.

Yes Mike, you are right, I will mic the crankshaft later, but having difficulty to take it out, now and saw several new main bearings for this type of engine on ebay. and wanted to buy quickly.

Mitchell, yes have to check the crank for oval, but there is no scoring, really looked nice for this very old engine of the year 1958, it’s a wonder. STD pistons inside letter markings F, G and H, this is done in Coventry, I think.

I looked at some main bearings out of an XK140 engine that appeared to never have been taken apart before it came to me, all the split cotter pins being in perfect condition, and the bearing shells are all marked 1499 and VP LTD which means Vandervell Products Limited, but no other markings. I believe Jaguar would have been buying only standard size bearings for new engines, so Vandervell probably saw no need to mark them as such.

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Oo, Rob, I am so happy with your findings on the XK 140 and that the engine appeared never to taken apart.
My engine is the same and yes on the shell is VP 1499 and the big one at the end of the crankcase has only the number 94.
So they are STD’s from the year 1958,
Thank you so much.


My XK 140 engine had these bearings as well. Note that also the over- or undersize value is stamped.

But also the corresponding Jaguar part number is there.

So mine had already been replaced with a 0.030" (or 0,76 mm) oversize but still using the original Vandervell versions.

Bob K.

Thank you Bod, yes I have the marking of just 1499 and nothing else, on the big bearings is the number just 94 with the original pistons inside, I resume that this engine is never been open.
I distroyed the balace damper, it was not in a good condition, but I need a other one, is there some one how can help me with this?
Thanks in advance.