Engine Fault - Poor Vehicle Performance

Hi all,
I just bought my first Jag.
It is a 1997 XK8.
It has 49,000 miles.
I have driven it about 10 times.

I left town, and came home and drove it to the car wash today. It was the first time driven in a week. Right after I left the car wash, about 5 minutes later, I felt the engine lag, then kick. I thought no big deal as she drove just fine after that. At the next light, the engine started to sound like it was groaning, and then it immediately shut off.

I tried to re-start her back up, but the light flashed ENGINE FAULT, POOR VEHICLE PERFORMANCE. It took about 2 minutes, and then the car finally started again, but in limp mode. I barely made it up the hill to my home.

Any idea what’s going on? Has this happened to anyone?
I will take to Al’s Jaguar (in Torrance, CA), to have it looked at, but if anyone has any input or experience or a similar situation, please share.

Also, if anyone lives in Southern CA and can recommend a good mechanic, I would appreciate it.
Al’s is the nearest to me.


Just a thought! You didn’t by chance hose down the engine bay whilst you were at the car wash, as Cats don’t often appreciate that and it has ben known to produce the symptoms you describe.
Pray that it all dries out if that is the case.

No, I didn’t do that. I checked the engine and it was dry.

Water and bad earths are the most likely causes. Do the XK8s have drainage channels associated with the softtop running through the A frame, because on the X300 & 308 with a sunroof if these get blocked water runs down and onto the ECU and this causes corrosion of the connectors, which rots the contacts away!
This has caused grief to many members in the past.
Have a check of the ECU.

I am unsure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the car wash had something to do with this. I will have the ECU checked out. Two days later, everything seems fine.
The check engine light is on, so I will bring it in for service, as it’s close to it’s 50K service time anyway.
Thanks for you care and assistance. :slight_smile:

If you have a code reader/scanner you may be able to clear the light, it’s worth a try too.