Engine Head Gasket replacement

I’m in need of a Head gasket for my xj6 series 1. It looks like the one posted. The ones I see on sites are typically for the xj6 with fuel injection and have round holes instead of the oval-shaped inlet. Could someone help me out?

According to my Jaguar Series One XJ6 Parts Catalogue the head gasket part number up to engine 7L1175 is C27081 and starting with engine 7L1176 part numbers C28974/1 or C36136 should work. I have no idea where in the world you are located, but if you search for these part numbers in your area you should find what you are looking for.
BTW, these are the same head gaskets used on my Series 2 E-Type and should be readily available at some Jaguar suppliers.


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Is it helpful ?

The PI gasket fits all XJ 4.2 blocks and heads. I used one and had no trouble.