Engine Malfunction Light?

Ahoy !
Re: 2002 S-Type; 4.0L, Naturally Aspirated
The Engine Malfunction light illuminated (yellowish silhouette of an engine).
Engine seemed to be idling well enough. Did drive up and down the street and did not notice anything. (More below).
Owner’s Manual mentioned special equipment to diagnose and may go to “Limp Mode”.
Advice and guidance please.
I do not know the minor to major range of problems encompassed by the Engine Malfunction light so…

  1. Is the car drivable, at least for short distance ? I assume I’ll need to take it somewhere to get fault codes read ? Yes ?/No ? (auto parts store that does free read-outs). I don’t want to drive the car if a catastrophic condition is indicated. (Engine oil, transmission oil and coolant are full.)
  2. Are their any vacuum hoses buried under the intake manifold (cannot readily be seen) ? Idling and driving “well enough”. I did not experience any problems under normal driving conditions (Maybe one mile @ max. 40 mph.). But, engine occasionally missed at idle and, I heard - again - slight hissing from the intake manifold area. At the time, I was not equipped to try to determine the source of the hiss. It did not sound like manifold gasket but, hoses in the vicinity. I do not know if I need to remove the intake manifold to inspect and change vacuum hoses.
  3. Can anyone send me a view of the intake manifold and surround vacuum hoses ? I am asking because the flash drive service manual is formatted for PC, and is not reaed able on my Mac.
    I truly apologise for badgering you all with questions. This is face-to-face discussion around coffee or a beer or hanging in someone’s garage yet, I don’t know any knowledgeable S-type or Jag fellows beyond these forums. Everybody I know owns a “cheque book wrench”. They take the car to a shop then, turn a cheque to pay for the repair. “I repaired the veeblefitzer” means they paid for XXX shop to do the work and get the car road worthy.
    Sincere thanks,
    Richard Cielec
    Greater Chicago Metro

Normally an orange light is a warning, again normally safe to drive, red would mean stop and flat bed to repair shop. Some people have success with code readers such as Elm 327 (not generic ones)

I have an OBD-II code reader which reads codes P001 up to P999 which are emissions related. Well worth the money for emissions testing, but Jaguar specific codes are not covered by this device.
Yes, there are vacuum hoses that crack at the end fittings and can affect emissions and give you a “check engine” light and a code.