Engine mounts torn off both sides?

Noticed a suspect vibration coming from engine bay only to find the engine completely torn off both motor mounts I know it’s a heavy engine and it’s quite powerful but that is incredible I guess they’ve just never been changed before. The strangest thing is that I’ve never had a car before that I could fully drive with both engine mounts ripped off currently the car is driveable but the engine is just resting on the sub frame so the car staying in the driveway for the time being.I just thought that was pretty incredible and I’d share it with you guys. I’ll put photos up in a little while so you guys can see exactly what I’m talking about

Greetings All,

Aftermarket parts are sometimes suspect.

What model and year?

Jack …

Since the entire engine and transmission assembly are only attached to the car in three places having two of them fail can’t be good !! Bit of luck that you caught it when you did !!

The good news is that on my '89 3.6L both engine mounts were fairly easy to install without removing anything. Hopefully your '94 is the same.