Engine out and oh no not again

(Phil.Dobson) #1

I have been contemplating taking the engine out of my mk 2 as it lacks power and a couple of cylinders are down on compression. I bought the car knowing it would need some work but oh my! I took the engine out last weekend and the issues have continued into this weekend. No big deal I guess just shocking that some of this stuff has been done by recognised ‘experts’ the car came with a massive history file. It has all receipts and every mot back to the early 1970’s
The pictures should say it all. The magnetic plug is from he gearbox!

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(Paul Wigton) #2

Those piston crowns clearly indicate bad rings/worn bores…

(Phil.Dobson) #3

What is going on in the cylinders to cause that Paul? The stress fracture in the bell housing,poor starter motor installation and protruding spigot bush just add to the joy😂

(Andrew Waugh) #4

Any marks from contact with the enemy on the inside? It might have been something (like a pinion) caught between the ring gear and the bell.

(Phil.Dobson) #5

The starter teeth have done marks but nothing unusual. I can only assume that either the rear mount has been over tightened or the misaligned spigot or starter have caused the crack.

Finding a replacement bell housing is proving difficult and therefore potentially expensive!

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(Ian) #6

Looking at all them metal parts on the plug ,you may be in the market for a new gearbox too :persevere:

(Martin Scherz) #7

The magnetic plug sure did it`s job! Looks like you hit the sweet spot in timing, to overhaul everything

(Tigger) #8

I wish you well with the repairs. Our experience of the specialists and experts after 20 years of ownership – although it took ten years for us to learn the lesson – is that is it better to get 90% of the job for 50% of the money, rather than pay 100% to the supposed expert specialists and get only 50% of the job. If I cannot do it myself I entrust specialist engine work to Bob Bate and the transmission is dealt with by Graham Whitehouse – everything else is a local ‘traditional’ almost back street garage / mechanics who look on it as a car involving nuts, bolts, alignment etc. and not their pension fund. As to the bell housing - I am not familiar with the manual box but if you can give me the spec / description I know a few ‘off grid’ jaguar collectors/enthusiasts (UK) who might be able to help.

(Ian) #9

As the bell housing is Alloy , and it look’s like you have all the parts , you could have it welded back together !!

(Phil.Dobson) #10

I thought of that BUT … the alignment in all planes is quite tricky.

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(Phil.Dobson) #11

Thank you for all your responses. The current progress is…

Ill be taking Block, crank, rods, flywheel clutch etc to Chesman engineering.

Head will be dropped at Rob Beere’s

Gearbox will be delivered to Klassik transmissions

All of the above have done excellent work for me in the past.

~I think i have located a bell housing so i wont accept the kind offer just yet!

I didn’t show you the alternator modification/kit that goes with and is supplied by the same company that’s installed the rack & Pinion steering. The brackets are so misaligned when i released the securing/mounting nuts the thing ‘sprung apart’
The ‘upgraded’ 12 blade engin fan had been made to fit by manually grinding the pulley face with what looks like an angle grinder. The Previosu owner spent thousands on this junk.
Ill keep you posted!!
Might need to take some strong alcohol soon

(The Jag Man) #12

This might be the perfect opportunity to switch to a manual 5 speed and utilize a new bell housing which is necessary for the conversion. Might save money in the long run? Also a lighter and smaller high spinning aftermarket starter would be a great way to begin your journey onto shipwrights disease!!


Loveland, Colorado USA

(Lovell) #13

Greetings All,

Not a big deal to weld that bellhousing. Just bolt it back on to the block.

I would guess with your feelings on alignment issues, it would likely be better to source another for peace of mind.

(Paul Wigton) #14

Clean the bell, thoroughly: align in broken area, bolt to block, and any good ali welder can weld it back just fine.

@The_Jag_Man, I think it already has the hi-torque starter!


The date on the starter says its not to old, perhaps the old starter fell to bits and part of it broke through the housing

(Phil.Dobson) #16

Most 5 speed conversions in know of use the existing bell housing. The starter that was poorly fitted is one of the modern high torque ones.

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(Phil.Dobson) #17

Just a quick update for those interested.
I took the day off to deliver the block to the machinist (Chessman engineering). Then I took the head over to Rob Beere ( I’ve been using Rob and Carl since 1990 but never met them before). Then the gearbox to Ken and his son Carl at Klassic transmission. Ken will also sort the bellhousing.
I had a fantastic day catching up with these guys. Its a pleasure to spend time with people I consider to be true professionals and dedicated Jaguar people. The stories (mostly Horror) of what goes on is shocking/fascinating

Mean time I need to get the body to the paint shop (next week) then start saving!

One thing I would like to get feedback on, is the steering options. The car has been fitted with modern rack and pinion set up supplied and installed by MC Wilkinson. My impression is that it is great for slow drives around town and stuff, but it has little feed back and does not feel safe when cornering fast. I cant member the steering geometry figs but in line with what has been suggested on this forum. I currently have 15x 5 inch wide wheels with 185 70 r 15 tyres.
I have a complete front sus from a 420 with the later power steering as an option and also a complete original manual system with newly rebuilt steering box with a “quick worm and pinion”
My memory of any driving power steering mk2 in the 70s was that they were all quite vague when driven at speed and that the manual is the best of a bad bunch for driving accepting that parking is a pain in the bottom.

I want to drive the car quickly and use it for track days. my gut is telling me to go manual steering.

All comments welcome.

Best regards
Another money pit on the way
Phil D

(peter balls) #18

As the car has the rack conversion Phil consider the non power assist
version, it was a option in the day.
Might be one tucked away somewhere!
Peter B.

(Phil.Dobson) #19

Peter are you suggesting there was a non power assisted rack option? Or supporting my current preference to revert to non powered steering box?

(peter balls) #20

Not a suggestion Phil ,a fact, I recall seeing one fitted in the `70s.
If poss check a series 1 parts book.
Although sports bushes are now available, a mod I made in the day
was to obtain 4 extra side thrust washers and bore out the centers
to fit over two of the mount rubbers to limit lateral movement of the
rack. Gave a more precise feel.
Peter B.