Engine parts: keep to sell or send for recycling

Hello all,
I have a complete XJ6 S2 engine, totally dismantled. I will never use any of these parts (famous last words) now that I fully rebuilt another engine and put it in my XJC.
I wonder if there is any point keeping any of of these parts for someone else who might want to guve a few dollars in exchange for the time it would take to wrap and ship, or if I am better off throwing it all away?
It breaks my heart to think of sending aluminum parts for recycling… the cylinder head could get a few pennies.
Any thoughts?
Thank you.

So long as there is a chance that it can be reused or rebuilt, they’re not selling these things new anymore.

Put it in the classifieds, and someone will probably pay for it. Frankly, they’re not worth a lot of money but if someone pays for the shipping they get the parts.

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