Engine swap 97 xk8

What is the best way to remove an engine on a 97 xk8? Is it easier with the tranny on? Any tips or things to look out for?

No standard method to remove an engine from any vehicle. Best approach is to get the factory service manual and follow the recommended procedures as outlined. In most cases, much of the accessories will need to be removed, along with so much of the wiring and other connections so as not to damage any of them.


This part of the Forum is devoted to the early XK120s, 140s and 150s. You would be better sending your request to the section dedicated to the ‘modern’ XKs.


I personally drop the engine/gearbox out the bottom and have done this since I worked at (and left) the dealer.

The LOWER steering column must be removed as the exhaust CATS will not clear even tucked into the body recess. (the X308 sedan has clearance for the lower column)

Undo the torque converter bolts before you put the powertrain on a platform under the car.

This does require a car lift!

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