EType Odometer reset cable

Wanted to buy:

Odometer reset cable for a 66 EType OTS LHD. The part number should be C15468.

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None of mine have any part numbers on them. Do you know about how long it needs to be? I have ones with 9" and also 11" overall length.

@Robert_Laughton… anything in your massive pile?

I managed to find a picture on eBay of one in the UK.

Looks a bit more than 9", maybe gets to 10" when straightened depending on how you measure. Mike, does this picture look like your 9"?

That’s tip to tip of course – the last 1-1/4" sticks out the other side of the hole in the millboard.

I’ll look. Might have an extra one.

I asked about the length in the #e-type section and Craig told me his was 11" long.

( From memory) The reset cables to the odometer and clock on the series 1 are almost the same, except the instrument end of the inner cables are different square cross sections and do not inter-change.


It sure does look like a S1 XJ cable. I’ll look.

Anyone? Mike, that 11" you have sounds like it’s what I need.

I have a few I’ll look and measure this evening.