Etype Series 3; Auto Gear Selector Shaft Seal/Bushing Change

Thank you Kevin, I do hope it is the switch.

Rui, I appreciate the tips, thank you too.

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can raise the car and trace its source.

@awg Tony, @davidsxj6 David,

Many thanks again for your valuable tips. I think I now have all the info I need to try it out. After having replaced the starter motor (see corresponding thread) and tested the new high-torque starter today, my next work will be to disassemble and revise all the carburetors. The A bank is running a bit rich at low revs and does not accept further adjustment and when the engine does not run for a month or so: for the first 5-10 min a couple of cylinders are on strike, then all goes back to normality and the engine runs like a clock (this is reported in another thread). No problem will I use the car every 2-3 weeks max or so.

So gearbox after that , many thanks - I am also procrastinating , as being slightly claustrophobic, without a pit or lift, working under the car is not something I long for …


Thd valve body won’t stop dripping so I recommend you put glasses on. I also wrapped myself in foil. Also take something as a cushion and it won’t be as uncomfortable.

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