Exhaust on your Lump

I’m getting to the part of my build where I need to decide a couple of exhaust issues. I plan to use 2 1/4" pipes and run under the IRS cage. At this time I am leaning toward round mufflers in the stock resonator locations. What have any of you folks used for mufflers and where did you put them. I want a quiet sound with minimum buzz in the cabin.



I did it this way. Nice sound. No drone, No rasp. No crackle. Just a nice purr. but, clearly, it is a V8. I have had compliments on the sound.

Front to rear.
After market Ram horns.
Sun Coast Down pipes.
Local muffler shop installed two cats and an “H” pipe.
Jaguar mufflers.
small roudn glass packs by the PO
Throught the cage wit the same size pipes as Jaguatr installed.
Same tips/

If only the PO had not welded from the Jag mufflesrs back///


Thanks Carl, I’m with you until the “Jaguar mufflers”. Are you saying you have Jaguar and glass-pack mufflers? Fortunately, Alaska doesn’t have smog testing yet, so I don’t think I’ll use cats, but if I do, what brand are the ones you have?


Yes. The Jaguar mufflers remain in place just before the cage. The resonators are after the Jag mufflers. The glass apcks replaced the Jag units.

The muffler shop used Walker replacement cats approved for 94 Cadillacs fleetwood broughams. My car is powered by an LT1 donated by one of those.

Teh cats are aft of the transmssion. to protect the trans from cat heat.


I didn’t get an exhaust system with my project, only the rear resonators. Was the original Jag muffler pretty small in order to fit just ahead of the cage? Do you think there is enough room in that spot for a pair of aftermarket oval mufflers?


There are two smallish oval mufflers just before the cage in “original” Jaguars. Yes, many are available. After market sources. See what Walker has to offer. A major maker of mufflers…

As I recall.“tutros” were once popular. A straight through oval muffler. ,

Thank you Carl, I’m going to look at the space ahead of the cage again. Might change my mind about a couple of things.