Exra long battery cable

I am going to put a 12 volt battery in the boot of my XK120 DHC. Long story. Does anyone know a good place to get a long cable?


You can buy battery cable by the foot from most decent parts suppliers and also the end connections which are easily soldered on to custom make up one the length you require. I did this on my car routing it through a cut-off switch mounted in the boot. The latter being handy both as a anti-theft device and a means of quickly shutting off the battery for any work on the electrical system etc.


If you end up buying extra long cable, and need a few good quality solder-on ring ends, let me know and I’ll drop a few in the mail.

I went to NAPA and bought a long welding cable and had them terminate the end. You can draw several hundred amps while starting which is a pretty healthy voltage drop, so I used as large a cable as I could get -either #1 or #2.
Mike Moore

Another option is to hunt around on eBay. There are battery cable suppliers who will custom-make them in any length, any gauge, either black or red, and with whatever terminal ends you choose (except the Lucas helmet ends). I bought a custom cable last year on eBay, and the cost was very reasonable.

Great, thanks for the info.

I saw somewhere #1 is ok?

Thank you, I appreciate that. I’ll be looking today and tomorrow.

I enjoyed the NAPA store in Gilroy Ca letting me help them make mine in their shop. As I recall, the cups the large stripped wire went into were sizable and it took a pretty big torch and a lot of solder to get it all together.

Mike Moore

I did the same installation 4 weeks ago . If you have to buy one , I would suggest to look for a flexible battery cable . it is much easier to install . I got mine from an alternator repair shop . Adress is not of interest because it was in Austria .