Failed Timing Chain Oiler

(Christopher Potempa) #1

Hello All –

I’ve attached a picture of my timing chain oiler. It appears that in the past the lower spring pin came loose, ruined the threaded hole, someone attempted a threaded insert repair and…even that failed. In looking over the part it appears flimsy. I also don’t like how the lower aft end of the spring pin is the only area that provides rigid securement for the tensioner spring. Too bad the lower pin couldn’t have been secured in to not only the block but also the timing case cover as well. Anyway, were these ever made in anything other than aluminum? I ask because an archived posting referred to these in brass – or is that only for the later hydraulic ones? Otherwise, I do like the three oil jets for the chain on it. I’m thinking of milling a replacement out of steel. Any thoughts here? Thanks.

(Peter Jan Rusch) #2


Have done several older XK engine, but never seen this part?
Does not seen to be a XK engine part.
From what cars is this engine?

Peter Jan

(Rob Reilly) #3

It was only used on XK120 W and F engines and Mark VII A, B and D engines up to D.9868, maybe some 140s, then the hydraulic type took over.
There was a replacement beginning with W.3487 and A.1389, the early one was C.2257 and the later one was C.5143 but I think it was just to add a ball check valve.
It has not come up before on this or the engine forums that I recall, so it is not a common failure, looks like just some ham fisted previous owner’s work.
I would see if Jaguar Heaven has one.

(Christopher Potempa) #4

Jaguar Heaven. Yes, in Stockton. Thanks, I’ll consider that.