Farroad tires? OK?

Anybody known to be hurt by “Farroad” tires? Seams 235 60 15 in speed rated tires getting dear in the USA. Not looking to go 16 inch now. Thanks.

Not an expert but I never heard of that brand.
Are you sure it’s not a sub brand of another?
Just did a Google search, Chinese, wouldn’t touch them with a 10 foot lug wrench.

I try to not buy stuff made in China, for various reasons, but to just summarily dismiss all of them is not a good idea.

I have used Chinese-made Michelin’s, Chinese-made Kumhos, Yokohamas, and other Chinese brands, and they worked fine last, and I had no problem with them.


I can remember, oh…20 years ago or so…when nobody would buy a Kumho tire. Unknown brand, too cheap, not ‘proper’ for a Jaguar, etc.

Nowadays lots of people happily run Kumho tires. Even …gasp…Jaguar owners ! :slight_smile:


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You may be the trailblazer on this !


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I used Kumhos on my first Hyundai, and they simply were the best handling tires I’ve ever had on it!

The only problem was… They were gumballs, and I only got 20,000 miles out of them!

But they were really fun miles… :slight_smile:

I like the Mastercrafts (made by Cooper) if you’re wanting original size:


If it is important to the buyer, make sure to ask the question, and/or read the sidewall

Kumhos are S Korean aren’t they. Have a set on the dakota, good riding tire.


Kumho tires are made in South Korea, China, the United States, and Vietnam; this tire trade name currently holds various manufacturing facilities across these locations, such as:

  • South Korea: Gwangju Plant, Gokseong plant, and Pyeontaek plant
  • China: Changchun Plant, Tianjin Plant, and the Gaoxin Plant in Nanjing
  • Vietnam: A facility in Binh Duong Province
  • United States: A manufacturing facility located in Macon, Georgia

I have purchased dozens of Michelin tires over the years and never seen one made in China.

Which models are made there now?

Thanks for input. May have to downgrade to S or T speed rating. Cooper Cobras and Mastercraft are available local. Now I wonder… Who signs off on a "Speed Rating " anyway- Just the guy who made it? I have some 16 inch Goodyears on my retired Ford Cop Car- shame those don’t fit…

It was a small size, that fit my 12" wheels, on my Datsun 1200, back in 80s.

I have the Cooper Cobras and my only criticism is that they took a lot of weight to balance. One has a grid of stick on weights the size of your palm. But they did balance and are smooth up to 120, which is as fast as I care to go with an S rating.

I’m looking at the same tire. Basically because other than BF goodrich TA’s, they seem to be be the only tire I can find in my size ( 235/60/15 ) I’d love another set of michelins, but no longer made in my size. The only complaint I hear about them is the life of the tire which seems to be around 30 - 40 thousand miles which doesn’t bother me as I only do about 5-6K per year. Touring tire, rated at 149 mph, and all performance figures are much better than most. I’m taking a chance on them. Plus their price point is dirt cheap.

When I was driving my Jaguar, I always looked for the tire with the lowest treadwear rating, which often equated to very sticky tires. I knew that they would age out before I wore them out.

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Up Date- Tried to recheck price on those Farroad tires, and now “Out Of Stock”. Suspect trouble with same, as suspect that tire type a slow seller in Winter. Going with Cooper’s, and will tell kid to keep her under a buck 20. May Have dodged a Chinese Bullet… ??

I bought Cooper Cobra Rad GT tires 235 60 R15 form TireRack and had Americas Tire put them on I believe they were made in Costa Rica T rated but I am not driving over 120 MPH! I like the look of them painting the white lettering gold with Tire Trace pens.

BF Goodrich tires my local Discount Tire had on hand were made in Mexico. I’m planning on getting new tires soon and asked to see one while I was there getting BF Goodrich tires on my wife’s car (those were made in Thailand). BF Goodrich tires on my XJ6 were made in USA, purchased in 2021.

When buying the tires for my XJ6 I bought some Mickey Thompson. They were made in Mexico. The person I talked to needed pictures of the sidewalk to be convinced that they weren’t made in the US. He thought all Mickey Thompsons were made in the US.

I remember reading about proposed legislation to require country of origin labeling online, but I guess it didn’t muster enough interest.

I think I read online that my Cooper tires were made in Costa Rica, so at least some companies are doing it, I was very pleased with TireRack and Americas Tire (which are now the same company). I would definitely go back again, good customer service.