Feeler - 1988 XJ40 3.6 converted to 5-speed

Hi all,

Long time member here although I have not been very active in recent years. I’ve had my 1988 XJ40 since 1999. It was my primary car for years, and in 2013 I converted it to the Getrag 265 5-speed using factory parts (major bits were sourced from forum regular Pete Crespin). In 2014 I moved to the west coast and the car has been mostly in dry storage ever since, with semi-regular exercise. The length of the storage is longer than I intended so I’m feeling the pressure to either ship it from NC to OR where I can better maintain it or sell it.

I’ve held on to it this long because I had long vowed to “never sell”. It was my 2nd car, and I’ve sunk many thousands more than it’s worth into it. Besides the transmission project, I did all the major maintenance jobs: rebuilt head from Coventry West, rebuilt diff, all new suspension bushings and shocks, sports pack front lowering springs from JDHT, brakes, lenses and cosmetic stuff, blower motors, on and on…

It’s not perfect by any means but it’s a well looked after early build US-spec Sov, above average for those that are left. 6/87 build. I think about 215k miles. Arctic haze blue over barley. 16" 20-spoke alloys.

Anyway, couple of quick searches shows that these have not yet begun to appreciate :grin:, and I have no illusions of big money if I sell, BUT, mainly wondering if there is interest out there? With all the effort invested if I do sell I would mainly like to see it find a good home with someone who will continue to take care of it.

If your’e still with me thanks for reading. Any thoughts, interest, or advice appreciated!!!



Asking price (if selling): TBD

Location: Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Contact information: send a PM

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Nice car! I think there’s a good market for it especially having the manual transmission conversion.

Thanks, I hope so!

Forgot to mention: I documented most of the conversion here https://xj40.wordpress.com. I have a marked up copy of the schematic diagrams with all of the modifications needed to make the dash and cruise control work properly with the stick.

I’d fly to NC and drive her to OR, you guys are so lucky over there to have the ability for these massive road trips, a trip like that would take me from London to the edges of Siberia!!

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True. I drove to New Orleans and back between 1-4 Jan. Basically London Naples London over a long weekend, if you included a couple of side trips.

On the other hand, it’s a long way to go without much scenery and no language changes or border crossings. Driving over the Rockies would be fun though.

I love driving through the states especially the south, staying off the freeway, every town you drive up to the first thing you see is a golf buggy vendor… was in New Orleans in 2019, I had a whale of a time…

Come visit Colorado!

I’ll guide you to "Little Switzerland!

Now that’s one of the places I don’t have a customer… would love to go, would also like to visit Park City in Utah…

Well, if ever you find yourself in these parts, drop me a note!

I actually did consider that option! I drove my E46 3-series touring from Portland to Chapel Hill and back in December. Stops in Salt Lake City, Denver, near Lawrence, KS, and Nashville. Slept in the back of the car in friend’s driveways and campgrounds and hardly went inside any buildings as covid precautions.

But I could’t strand the wagon back in NC, and it’s probably hard to sleep in an XJ40 :slight_smile: