FF7 Fault on my 3.6 xjs

Good Afternoon everyone can somebody please help me to sort FF7 Fault.
It’s running rich and can smell fuel in the cabin aswell.

The Jaguar service manual I have says that fault codes run from FF11 to FF99. However it’s for the facelift cars and the older ones are probably different, but I can’t find any info on them unfortunately. Is all of your display working? Could it be fault 70 something?

What I can say is that your cabin fuel smell is unlikely to be related to the fault unless huge quanities of unburnt fuel are coming out the exhaust and the smell working its way into the car. It tends to be from all the connections and hoses near the fuel tank, mine is like that.

With nothing to go on as for the cause, keep in mind the most important factors for the fuel injection are:
Coolant temp sensor
Lambda sensor
MAF sensor
Throttle position sensor

If you can find the values of what these sensors are supposed to be, it’s worth checking with a multimeter to make sure nothing is completely dead. Also check the earths and what wiring you can easily get to.

Many thanks for your reply I will check in a day or two if I have read the fault code wrong and will come back with it.
My car is 1991 with old type back lights.
Kind Regards

It’s definitely FF 7 as it appear today again .

FF7 is idle control valve.
have a look here if you need more details https://www.xjsbanger.co.uk/xjs-buying-guide

These are simple fault code units. Definitely don’t have 99 programmed faults in it :wink:

Let me know if you need help - with any major component fault - engine will run rich on fixed (limp) mapping…