Fibreglass Top Finish

Could anyone tell me what the underside of the fibreglass tops were finished with


How about the Disco era option - orange shag? This top was on my 1953 OTS when I acquired the car from the original owner back in 1986, and I’ve stored this top ever since. It looks just like yours, and it seems to be just raw Fiberglas on the inside, and the outside of mine is still chalky looking gelcoat.
This topic might be inspiring me to finish the top and use it. It has more headroom than the canvas top. Daveimage image

Wow Dave that sure is Disco era for sure , I have a soft top as well thinking it’s the short top and the car needs a long top. good point about head room with the hard top .
Thanks for sharing


Your question is difficult to answer as there were many different hardtop suppliers, each with its own interior trim. It varies from “nothing” (just painted fiberglass) down to a special fabric glued to the inside. Do you know who manufactured your hardtop? Judging the rear window it could be Scottop, Runyan or Plasticon. Look for some kind of round emblem at the B-post: they sometimes show a letter or even a name . Since you’re living in Canada, is yours a US import or purchased in the UK?

Bob K.

Hi Bob I would think the top would have come from the us , I will check the top out tomorrow when I get to work . I will start researching the bran names you mentioned.
Thanks for the info

could be an interior for a shag rug headliner…

That’s it that the one I am going with. So funny laugh do the day . Thanks Nick

Are there any pix showing a fiberglass top mounted on a car?

I think I speak for most of this forum in regards to that pink interior: I WANNIT!

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BaIoo am sure nick would give you a great price on the interior. Start the bidding. Hopefully someone will post a photo of a car with a hardtop on it.

Dont show it to @JamesLove: he’ll want one, too…:grimacing:

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Even that is a bit much pink 4 me. I do fancy that little house in the background though.

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The little house…Good eyes! Looks like something from a fairy tale.

Had to go back and look!

Good morning Jag Lovers can anyone tell me if this Hood fits Car # 671124 1951 OTS

this will fit
my initial thought is your car should have the very short hood with back window not opening.
The pictures are the middle range hood ie chrome, longer hood, back window zips down.
The last version is painted grey window zips up. contact me if you want to follow up further terry

Well the car I am restoring is 671129, 5 cars newer and it has the holes in the rear cowl panel for the longer hood location. I noticed from underneath that both bracket supports are there for short and long placement but only holes were drilled for the long placement. Unfortunately I don’t have the original chrome hood assembly so I will be using the painted version but I would guess that your chrome frame assembly is original to the car. Now for the actual top, that is not original or correct.

Thank you Terry/Jim . that is good news , i will order the material for the soft top .

Goog Morning all i found some Photos of a Car with the hard top on. it is sure looks good. also some photos for the mounting , hope this helps

missed too looks great hard top or soft top ?

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