Finally getting ready to repair my oil leak

After just repairing my harmonic damper (and everything that involved) I’m ready to deal with my oil leak between the engine and transmission.

According to the Haynes manual properly replacing the rear main oil seal requires the removal of the oil seal retainer so that the seal can be installed from the engine side.

As you can see in the pictures, the bottom of the oil seal retainer bolts directly to the oil sump (pan).

As far as I can determine there’s no gasket between the engine block and oil sump pan and RTV was used … Is that correct ???

Not having to worry about ruining a gasket and just using some RTV sealant would make removing and replacing the oil seal retainer (with the new rear main oil seal) a whole lot easier.

Has anyone dealt with this in the past?

If I were to use sealant anywhere in my engine(s) it would be Permatex “The Right Stuff” and nothing else. Certainly not silicon caulk.

Larry …

This looks like a great product. I especially like the fact that my car wouldn’t have to remain on a lift at the transmission shop for 24 hours waiting for the old school RTV to cure before you could start the engine. Good tip, thank you.

But wait … nobody responding to my oil pan gasket / no oil gasket question.

No oil pan gasket. There are VERY few gaskets on an AJ6 engine. Headgasket, Cam Cover, Manifolds are about it.

Thanks Greg …

I appreciate your input.