FINALLY got my intake/carbs off, would like some eyeballs on these intake tracts

So finally got the intake/carbs off, and I’m concerned over what I’m seeing. Is this dried coolant? Old gas? What is this greenish crystallish looking stuff?

They often look that way, especially when they have sat for a while

I would not be concerned with what I see, just clean it out with carb cleaner or similar, and have a look at the valve stems, hopefully they are shiny, not stuck in guides

Have you rotated the engine via the crankshaft nut ?


Whatever, Rob; clean and polish as Tony says - the smoother the intake, including manifold itself, the better…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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My vote is it is dried, crusty gasoline. And that the car was parked on an uphill slope for a long time. Front carb dribbled fuel into #4 intake; rear carb into #1 intake.