First proper Jag. What have I done!

Just collected my first fully owned proper Jag, a 98 XJ8 in a fetching shade of mauve. (I used to own half of a couple of XJSs.

Looking forward to spending a couple of days going through all the faults and coming up with a plan.

Probably financial suicide but what a wonderful way to go!

Any tips for me and this very expensive paperweight?

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Welcome aboard Mark. My advice is to enjoy owning, driving and caring for a unique auto from a past era. You may want to create some files to hold the data you come across online that specifically applies to your model, including posts from this and other forums. Service bulletins and personal experience are helpful to understanding these now somewhat rare vehicles. Unless you can do all the work yourself, locating a skilled mechanic willing to work on your vehicle can be challenging in some areas (such as my home locale in western Colorado).

My own Jaguar ownership saga involves a 1997 XJR, similar, but certainly not identical to your XJ8. I have enjoyed the journey so far.

Dale Wheatley

That sounds like a fetching story… :slight_smile:

Welcome Mark, and enjoy the ride.