Fitting new spark plugs

fitted 5 out of the 8.plugs some plug holes,not bad,.plugs really old,so worth doing.
however…the last three feels like bolts on the coil packs are undoing but just going round and round…
must happen to everyone,so what is the secret of undoing them please.

I’m definitely no expert- only done this once, so I hope I’m remembering properly. The coil pack fasteners screw into some brass inserts that are molded/pressed into the valve cover. If the inserts are spinning, then you will likely just have to pry the coil pack out, pulling the insert out of the valve cover. Then remove the insert from the bolt, and re-install in the valve cover with a little dab of Epoxy ( Jb Weld, etc). When you re-install the coil packs, put a dab of anti-seize on the threads, and don’t tighten too tight- they aren’t going anywhere. Same applies to the coil cover inserts.



Put a new tread on site.

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My veneer is bad on passenger side airbag.I need to know how to take off airbag straps so I can fit a new front.
I know how to prize the front off then need help.