Fitting of headlamp bowls and gaskets

When I separated the head light bowl SBS5000 from the gasket 11577, it was really difficult and there seemed to be some type of seating material or glue between it and the gasket, especially on it’s inner circumference.

Aren’t these things usually just fitted in there without sealant?

Also, since they bowls had undercoating on them, I suppose I should fit these to the bonnet before it goes to the paint shop?


Bill that area on my 67 coupe appears original, and pretty bedraggled. The bucket is black and not undercoated, whereas the diaphragm is undercoated and still has some of the original cream colored paint on it. The wiring for the headlight is also not undercoated, implying that it was all installed after painting. There is black sealing material around the bucket circumference, presumably to seal the edge from water, and perhaps that’s what is making things difficult for you.

Thanks. That’s confirmation.
It was amazingly difficult. That stuff set up like hard plastic.

I guess I’ll have to seal them when I put them in. Hmm. So they sealed that and they left that big open hole in the corner between the diaphragm and the edge of the bonnet underpan.

Someone might have used goop, but it needn’t be the case. They get really tight after a while. Maybe it’s the heat from the lamps, not sure. Last time mine came out I had to bang them out.

I had to dig some substance out along the inside circumference of the sealing ring and it came off in chunks. When I got the rubber off there was a build of of this hard stuff all round the junction of the bowl shape with the flat flange shape. It sure didn’t seem like part of the sealing ring.

I’ve never found it to be necessary. The gasket is wide enough and is cinched up quite tight with the 4 screws.