Fixing horn wiring in steering column, extra part?

I got the repair kit from SNG Barrett for the horn electrical parts associated with the steering column on my 1958 2.4 Mk 1.

The kit contains a little very thin square piece of brown hard plastic about 3/4" on a side. I have the factory parts manual for 2.4 Mk 1. Plate AZ on page 283 shows all the horn electrical pieces associated with the steering column. I cannot find any part that looks like this little thin plastic square. I have no idea of where it goes on the Mk 1. Is this kit for other cars as well as the Mk 1?

It’s an insulator for the contact.

Could you be a little more explicit? Where exactly does it fit?

The insulator is fixed sandwiched between the contact and the rubber mount. It folds over the top of the connector. It is there to stop the power for the contact shorting out and actuating the horn.

You cut the insulator into a sort of fat T shape with a hole for the screw.

Thanks so much for you clear explanation, and for the trouble that you have taken to make a photograph which helps a lot.

My factory setup of 58 Mk1 also lacks this flat insulator. I guess it’s not a must, just a cover insulating the connector tube from outside ?

Absolutely welcome Mark.

I’ve spent 15 years on Jag forums and have had a great deal of help from others.

Happy to do my bit.