Fixing nuts for rear lamp cluster

XJ40 1988
I now have found a replacement for my LH rear lamp cluster where the plastic had broken. I am now looking for spare nuts for securing the rear lamp cluster to the car body. Not the plastic thumb nuts but the four small metal nuts around the circumference of the cluster. They appear to be NH 105041 J. Can anyone tell me what threads are used or point me at a source?

Hi Alan, I can’t immediately answer either question, but could you take one of your tailight assemblies to a hardware or auto parts store and find a nut that fits? I have spares from replacing my tailight assemblies a couple years ago, but sending them to you might be costly.

Probably M6 x 1.00mm but I am just guessing.

Thanks for quick reply. Trying to isolate here (over 80!) and have fitted the replacement cluster with 3 nuts (one obviously got lost!). Nowhere near an auto parts store. How much is ‘costly’?

I’ve never shipped international, but I used a USPS online calculator for an ordinary mailing. Cheapest rate was $40 US. I might not have used the calculator correctly, given my lack of practical experience, however.

How about this approach… I’ll take one of my spares out tomorrow for a date with the auto parts or home improvement store and get the size nailed down, or rather bolted down…

Many thanks. Sounds like the freight cost will be hugely more than what your nut price is likely to be? So maybe four, and washers and shakeproof washers too? Let me now and I’ll examine my pension!

Hahaha. I’ll let you know sometime tomorrow on where things sit.

Alan, wouldn’t somewhere like Bunnings do a delivery service while you are in lockdown?

Yes, but the problem is what thread is it? I know it’s not M4, and I doubt very much that it’s American, as used out here in Aus. The safest thing would be an actual Jag source.

Can you ring Jagdaim and ask if they know?

I’ve emailed them. Thanks for suggestion.

(with Rog continued privately)

The nut is a m5.8. I’m at the auto parts store and sized it to a bolt. They don’t have the specialty nut that jaguar used (flanged with ant vibe grooves), but they do have a standard stainless steel which costs $3.90 US for a 7 pack. I’m thinking a flat washer with a spring washer on top followed by a standard nut should work and should cost substantially less.

Hi Roger all all!

That would be M5 X 0.8. That has confirmed that its metric and as Robin has suggested Bunnings is the source over here. I’ve also found them at Bolt and Nut Australia. Many thanks to Roger for taking the trouble to go to his neighbouring store and confirming the size.

???thats neither or between metric and imp packaging what were they thinking😫

Hahaha. Quite the opposite of “you only pay for what you need”.

The M5 nuts arrived from Bunnings today (thanks for the suggestion Robin) and fitted perfectly. Thanks to Roger for ascertaining the exact size. All’s well that ends well!

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