Flywheel markings XKE 4.2

The flywheel on my XKE S1 4.2 has several markings on it… anyone know what they mean? Engine number is there then there’s two number 1s and a B one one side plus an arrow on the other.

I’m guessing the B is about balancing but not sure what it indicates and maybe the arrow points to TDC if I can locate another arrow on the block someplace (any hints on where?). How about the two 1s?

John North

The arrow does indicate TDC but only when viewed through the hole in the bell housing on the left hand side just behind the exhaust manifold.
There will be a similar line or pointer, when aligned they indicate. TDC.


I am pretty sure the B will line up with a B on the clutch assembly. The crank, flywheel and clutch housing are balanced as one.