Folding sidemirrors

I have a Daimler Jaguar Double six years. 1996 which has only driven 90,000 km. Have now bought some used, foldable side mirrors that I would like to mount on the car. I would like to be able to operate them manually with a rocker switch, but would also like them to respond to the central locking. I can well devise the electrical myself and construct the electrical ones using some relays and maybe also a few time-controlled relays. However, it will be a pretty big task and require a lot of thought :slight_smile: … Therefore, I thought that maybe there was someone in this forum who had already constructed something like this. Maybe he even has a wiring diagram so he is willing to share with me ??? If so, I will be happy and grateful. Thank you. Per

Per, go to the search facility (magnifying glass icon at top right of page) and type X300 powerfold mirrors in the search box. You’ll find lots of posts about it.

Hi Gary
Thank you. I know this well but unfortunately there is nothing useful