Former coolant filter skeptic now convinced

Pictures below are of my two coolant filters contents after about 1000 miles from changing water pump, all hoses, recore of the radiator, and a new header tank. System was completely flushed, and new antifreeze installed. The plastic bowl is what was flushed out of the filters after knocking and scraping out the big stuff. The black flakes apoear to be paint, perhaps from when the radiator was recored, or from the new header tank. There are also some pretty large sand/pebble particles.
I’m glad this stuff didn’t end up in the radiator passages.


Out of curiosity, which filter system did you install, and in both top hoses ? I’ve been humming and hawing on whether to install or not. Same scenario, new rad, hoses, all lines etc. I am a believer in preventive maintenance.

I used the Gano filters, the clear ones. I put them in both upper radiator hoses, and a smaller, non- clear one in the inlet hose to the heater core. Heres a link to the Gano’s website:

Summit Racing also carries them:


Thank you. Time to pick up a set. Never thought of one for the heater. But a good idea