FPR observance...best it's ran in years

After changing my left side outgoing fpr…my engine started much quicker and even after driving awhile I got no hot start issues…it must have progressively been getting faulty and I didn’t realize it… could this be others problem about bad starting issues…just my observation… I was able to get a new FPR from my local Carquest store for much less than online…56 bucks plus 8 for shipping…15 minute fix and the hardest part was prying the clamp-on hose off.

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Congratulations on fixing your problem and thanks for posting this info. What was the Carquest part number that you purchased in case others need one?


L… Carquest FPR outgoing left side

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I wasn’t sure how and when the FPR would need. Hanging or what the symptoms would be if one was wearing out or faulty. Just in the process of changing my fuel pump so it might be a good cheap up upgrade.
Is this another one of those make sure you buy a certain brand or get the original Jaguar part number?.

I was informed that the same part fits the following…but I can’t truly affirm that…

It seems that many Jag parts are used elsewhere…we should have a cross reference book for our model… anyone remember some years back there was a book like that for American cars…wayback

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I have the WVE FPR and it works great. Part# 5G1019. I have discovered this manufacturer recently and they make quality parts.

I also have the Bosch version of the FPR and it also works great. Part# W0133-1615387 More expensive, but it is Bosch.

Jaguar part is : EAC4864 I am not sure, but I would think the Jaguar OEM part is simply a Bosch at double the price.

Make sure you get 2.5 Bar. As we’re talking about the return FPR on B bank, correct?

I wonder how many are leaking fuel into the vacuum line and don’t know it…that would make a harder start and poor idle… also it would be hard to mix up which FPR is left or right as the left one has a clamp- on hose whereas the other side has threaded fittings ( if that is what you meant)…so far it seems like everything is better…not saying everything is cured for hot starts but seems like it. Anyway it still needed changed

Finally went in and changed my FPR on the weekend. The hardest part of the job was running back and forth to the hardware store to find the right sized spanner.
That nut on the back holding it in place took a 1” , I couldn’t shoe horn my socket wrench in there.

Actually it’s easier to first disconnect the lines and remove FPR with bracket and put it together on the workbench and reinstall rather than try to get an end wrench in there.

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I also have the Bosch version of the FPR and it also works great. Part# W0133-1615387 More expensive, but it is Bosch. by Gregma

The OEM Bosch part # for the driver side FPR…left side (B bank side) was
0280160293 Jaguar part # EAC 4864.

The W0133-1615387 on a Google search calls that FPR Bosch…but is it really ? Bosch use to stamp their name on the FPR as well as their part number. I wonder it it’s a knockoff ? Bosch apparently still makes that part number (0280160293) with their name on the part as well as the part number.

Greg…can you clarify your part ?

SD Faircloth

I just pulled the original off the car, I can’t see anywhere , where it says Bosch.

Part number 0280160229

The little symbol before the part number is the Bosch trademark.
And made in Germany…

Its 2.5 bar.

So slightly different part number and mine didn’t have a 2.5 bar marking for same year of XJ-S, interesting ?
I may be switching mine out again, it was supposed to be made in USA and showed up in a box made in Mexico.
It’s like trying to get a proper Bosch fuel pump all over again.

I bought mine 4 years ago, so manufacturing could have changed.

I am currently running the WVE that Scrimbo showed. I thought my Bosch was leaking, but it was not. So i now have a good backup.

It sounds like the other brands are working as well…have there been problems with specific ones ?

I can’t really comment on that. The replacement one I have seems to work fine. Wasn’t really anything wrong with the original Bosch except maybe age. I’ll keep it around for back up. I had no way to test it or confirm if the diaphragm has been compromised over the years by dirty fuel or anything. Every once in a while always get a slight stumble or different idle. Just as easy to change out and see if there is any difference I suppose.
I think the mind set is anything to do with the fuel system might be best to stick with Bosch components as an original design and quality trusted manufacturer.

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The regulator on our cars is quite simple, just a diaphragm with the right hook ups.

The requisites are - how long does it last (1 year, 10 years, 30 years) and is it to spec (does it provide correct pressure based on vacuum)

Bosch has a great reputation. Gary’s original is still somewhat working at 30+ years! I think WVE is also a trusted brand, as I’ve compared to others.

I would NOT try a $20 special.

After reading this thread I put my car into the shop and told the mechanic to change the FPR’s with the best ones you can find, got it back today got to say it has transformed the car, the idle is great (which it was not before) starts so much easier even when hot and runs better than it has ever ran, money well spent. Thanks scrimbo for the tip I would never have thought about the FPR as being a problem, cheers Geoff