Front brake pads, now shifter click!

Ok so I installed my new front caliper and brake pads, job went fairly smoothly, then bled the brakes and all seemed ok. Then I started the car and touched the brake pedal and CLICK. I thought huh. Touched the brake again CLICK. Everytime I push the brake pedal, even gently, I get a loud click from the shifter! Why? Is it just a coincidence that it started now? I did try a search and saw people saying about the microswitch on some, but why would it just start doing it after doing the front brakes?

If you move the gearbox selector lever OUT OF PARK, the click should STOP.
There is a PARK LOCK SOLENOID as a safety feature.


Yeah it does. I know it did click before, but it seems louder now. Could just be me listening harder for noises lol smh