Front end alignment question

Ok so I’ve been told that the XK8 needs to be strapped down to load the suspension when getting an alignment. I’ve also heard that it doesn’t lol. When I called a couple of shops, no one knows if it actually is supposed to. Is there a TSB or something that states it, or a written alignment procedure somewhere? I feel stupid when I call a place and when they ask where I heard that all I can say is “someone on the internet told me so”


The close tolerance machined alloy subframe installed on NA vehicles with VIN up to 031302, precludes the necessity for adjustment of front suspension geometry during vehicle manufacture.

Eccentric lower wishbone fulcrum bolts are available as service items, but should only be fitted when directed by Jaguar Technical Support.On RHD and Japan market LH drive SC vehicles with VIN up to 031302, eccentric fulcrum bolts securing the lower wishbone to the front crossbeam, facilitate adjustment of wheel camber.All RH drive and Japan market LH drive vehicles from VIN 031302, incorporate a long upper wishbone on the RH side of the vehicle and a short upper wishbone on the LH side.

There is a 2mm difference between the two wishbones, measured from the centers of the ball joint location and the fulcrum bolt location. The longer wishbone is identified by a countersunk hole in the upper surface adjacent to the ball joint location. All other LH drive vehicles from VIN 031302 onward are fitted with the shorter upper wishbone on both sides. These measures counter the effects of road camber on steering and eliminate the necessity for adjustment of suspension geometry.

The vehicle must be checked to establish that it conforms to the Jaguar original specification, e.g. wheels, tires, tire pressures, etc.The ‘space saver’ wheel must not be installed on any of the hubs when measuring suspension geometry.

The vehicle must be unladen and the fuel tank full when measuring suspension geometry.

Whilst fulcrum bolts remain available as service items, a suspected suspension problem must be reported to Jaguar Technical Support on the ‘Suspension Geometry Record Form’ provided and Technical Support consulted, before any adjustments are carried out.


My mechanic advised me that the XK8 needed down force applied to the front when aligning the wheels. Some shops had the equipment to do it, but not all. I would suggest asking an independent Jag mechanic which shops in your area are equipped to do the job. Ironically, not all shops in the same chain are equipped to do the job.

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So if I’m reading the jtis correctly it is saying full tank and no extra weight on the front? Just double checking I’m seeing it right. I’ve heard both ways too

That’s what I read it as as well.

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I know from experience that if it is not done properly, you can scrub through a pair of front tires very quickly. I will rely on two different mechanic’s advice to me that you need downforce on the front end to align XK8s properly. This also applies to the X300 and the XJ40.

There is apparently a tool that fits on the alignment rack, that will put the proper amount of downforce on the front end. Not all shops have that accessory, or know the need to use it.

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Try googling the manufacturers of alignment equipment.

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