Front exhaust manifold XK120,140,150

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Need original Jaguar front exhaust manifold for XK120 - 150 able to be porcelained. No cracks on flanges.

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(Paul Wigton) #2

At what production point, did they go from a flat flange gasket, to a recessed ring gasket?

I have an E Type manifold, but have loooong forgotten if it can be used on an XK chassis.

(sailor) #3

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply. Not sure when they went to a ring gasket but after the XK150 I think. Having a devil of a time trying to find a decent one that will take porcelain.


(Jennifer and Hugh Pite) #4

Hi, I am pretty sure that I have a front exhaust manifold for a XK- 150. It has a flat (non-recessed flange).
Hugh Pite

(sailor) #5

Could you take a few close up pics and send? Interested in the flange face and top of manifold area. Many thanks

Where are you located in Canada? Hopefully west coast. My car lived in Canada for many years first on the West Coast and then in Toronto for several years.

Thanks again

Glen Read

(Jennifer and Hugh Pite) #6

Hi Glen, I am on the West Coast near Sidney, B.C. I actuall have a couple of these that I noticed when I was looking for a S-2 E-type manifold. If I have a good one the price is $135 USD plus mailing.

** The manifolds are out at our vacation property and I will not be going out there until Thursday.**

** Cheers, Hugh**

(sailor) #7

Thanks Hugh,

We are in Seattle and often come to Sidney on our sailboat. A good friend you may know Morris Barnett (XK150) from Nanaimo is going on the Hagerty Spring Thaw tour through the mountains again this year.

I will look forward to seeing the pics.

Thanks again


(sailor) #8

Hugh, if you could pls take a few pics up close and I will forward to the coating people to get their opinion on if they will take the porcelain OK.

Many thanks

Glen Read

cel phone for texting 206-310-6200

(sailor) #9


Any luck on the manifolds? Sure could use them if you have time.

Pls call or text 206-310-6200.