Front right hand window motor - regulator

Hi , I have a dead front rh side ( australia ) window regulator , my question is will one from the rear door fit ? Any help muchly appreciated . Thanks in advance .

I don’’t think so, I have literally this past week taken to the recyclers two complete sets of regulators for the ‘40, I still have the motors at present.
Having said that the motors will probably work in either position.

Robin , it is the motors , i worded it wrong .

Did you take the electric motor apart to determine why it’s not running?
I would give the commutator bar a really good cleaning and lubricate the
bearings. Also remove and clean the brushes.

Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 6.23.07 AM

Grooveman , No i haven’t , more convenient for me to replace the motor , i live in an apartment , thus no garage to work on it .