Front side lamps, MK 4

Hello Friends. I am a new owner of a 47 3.5 litre Saloon.
Problem: How can I remove the bulb holders of the front wing lamps? Some call them pod type lamps.I want to derust and paint the inside. On e of the springs holding the bulb is broken,so I have to fix that anyway.
Thank You for any ideas.

Herzlich willkommen, Theo.
Mine is a '38 so may be different, but it looks to me like the bulb holder is held by a clip that is pushed onto a strap, so that you would maybe wiggle it and pull straight out.

The lens is held by two spring clips.

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Hey Rob,thank You for answering me,. The only difference seems to be the small red light on top, which my car does`nt have. I think similar about the fitting of the bulb holder. Hopefully big doses of WD 40 will do the trick.
I will keep You informed.
KInd regards, Theo

I tried again to pull the bulb holder out,but i am sure now, that it is not possible. It must be permanently fitted to its bracket by welding.
after taking the fibre disc out,i pulled the spring at last, I was not broken, but oversize,so that it jammed in the bulb holder sleeve. so i sidestepped the problem and will clean out the rust as far as I can.
Kind regards, Theo

That is strange. I wonder how the factory workers put it together. Does anyone have a sidelamp pod removed from the fender that you could see how the bulb holder is attached? All I could find was this picture in a Lucas catalogue.


this is the only picture I have, hope this will help.



Thank you Polti. So it looks to me like that bottom tab is spot welded to the cross bar. They must have done this after the wing was painted, with some sort of long spot welding tool that could reach in there.
So to get it out, I wonder if a prying tool in between the tab and the cross bar would do the trick to break the spot weld?