Front Suspension spacer

Some years ago there was info and drawing of a spacer to fit between the rear mount of front crossmember and the body, thereby giving additional clearance to the air cleaner. Does anyone remember where this post was? Also in my dotage, I can’t remember if the upper and lower ball joints can be changed without dropping the springs. Thanks.

Dotage here? At 92, probably!!

  1. A spacer between the body and front cross member would not increase the space between the air cleaner and the bonnett. Only some means, unknown to me, of lowereing the engin in the bay would do that . Raising the nose would affect the rear alignment! Not a good plan. Air cleaners were available with a dropped base. they fit lumps better.

  2. No such luck Undoing a ball joint with out having the spring under control would be a disaester…

You’ll need to start by stating what car and year you’re asking about. This post is in the 'lumps" category so it could be any jag body with a different engine in it., or presumably the opposite. You don’t have a car listed in your profile either.

Carl, you have me beat in years. I have a 1970 XJ with SBC. The spacer fit between the mount for the xmember and the body, thereby lifting the body slightly. I do not need this yet but was reviewing my notes. This is my third lump, started with a 72 xj6 in 1982, added a 1982 XJS in 1986 that ran until 2001. I have had this 1970 since 1997, very little Jag left except body and suspension.

On the ball joint issue, I have done in the past, Haynes is unclear on the springs.

I abandoned Haynes early on. good information, bu the poor organization confused me more than it helped.
My 83 XJS came aboard in 2001. It became a lump not long after. It took years before it was legal on the road. I was still working and jag time was limited. Mine has an LT1. So air cleaner to bonnet space is not an issue.