Front wheel Camber

Just completed a rebuild of the front end, new springs (as per previous post), new ball joints, track rods, wheel bearings and poly bushes through out. Put everything back together, including shims.

A previous owner had packed more shims behind the upper control arm at the back. Normally the same number front and back, unless wanting to increase front wheel caster. This was only on the right side…which had an original non adjustable track rod, and lower ball joint, both in poor condition. The car also had a slight lean to the right. Possibly the shims were to compensate for excessive wear. When measured there was an additional 6.5mm of shims on the right back of the control arm.

Now visually there appears to be excessive negative camber (I put everything back pre-disassembly).

The left side had two only front and back.

Question: Looking for a starting point before wheel alignment. From others who have refurbished the front end, what number of shims have been used…or if available measurement inches or millimeters if known.

I can experiment, however just looking for a starting point.