Fuel gauge indicating empty

Hi folks, 1995 X300 VDP. Had the car for 17 years, and it has been our summer weekend driver. yesterday I went for gas, with the gauge indicating 3/8, which was what I expected. After filling the tank, the gauge has now dropped to empty, and stays there after the engine has been shut off several times. The low fuel light is also lit.
Can the problem be anything else besides the sending unit? And how accessible is it?
Than ks

Jaguar issued a TSB back when I worked at the dealer.

05-1-13 Incorrect Fuel Gauge Reading.pdf (106.9 KB)

Drive the car until you think the fuel level is below 1/4 tank and remove the sending unit for diagnosis?

Easy job… buy new sender for $60 -$80 on Ebay carefully remove the ring holding the sender if gas runs out put it back on and drive for another day

Thanks for the response.

Be careful when removing the sender, or more importantly, the retaining ring for the tank cover in order to access same. IIRC, Jag advised using only brass punches (and hammer) to dislodge the ring, to avoid creating a spark that might set off the fuel (or vapors) inside the tank. :grimacing: I remember when I had to do the deed on Supercat, back in the day, and having to go to Northern Tool & Supply to buy their “matched set”. Set me back a few $$ back then, and really have had no other use for those tools ever since then. :money_with_wings:

Fuel to air ratio must be very precise to ignite. I wouldn’t worry about the brass tools. I’ve gotten in and out of my tank too many times to count at this point. Regular hammer, regular chisel…I’m still here and no signs of sparks, fires, etc.