Fuel Gauges - 76 Series V12

Both my fuel gauges read 3/4 when full and have about 5 litres left when reading empty.

Reading previous posts on here, I think all I have to do is remove each rear tail light to access the fuel sender and remove them. Then bend the rod down a little bit so the gauge will read full when the float is fully up when the tank is full. My main concern is that what the gauge then read when the tank is empty.

Have I got this right and how will the gauge read when nearing empty - ideally reads empty with some fuel remaining as a reserve. In the future when I have to remove the tanks I will insert a low level sensor into the tanks so I have a low fuel light on the dash.



First check that the floats are fully air filled. I had some gas in mine when they were reading off a bit. Also, be sure to have a pair of new gaskets for the sending units before you get started.

Thanks - some good advice there.



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On my '74 the level senders are on the front of the tanks.

Oh dear - that means a rethink then :thinking: I will now need to confirm that is the case for a 76 and if it is then if there is access through the rear wheel arches.

Thanks for that information.


First verify what you have got, Garry - through the years a PO may have done some fancy footwork…:slight_smile:

If front mounted you will find the gauge wires at the front, of course. Apart from that; your procedural thinking is spot on - but basically it requires an ‘empty’ tan with the front mounting. And it may take some trial and error to get it to your liking…

But while a ‘filled’ reading causes little concern, having 5 litres left on ‘empty’ is sometimes a boon. And a PO may have thought so and adjusted accordingly - though having two tanks sort of reduces the chance of running empty…:slight_smile:

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I thought only cars with S3 tail lamps have enough access for the sender to be behind them


I envy you for your ambition, but I’m more than happy that my guage does exactly as you describe - and I know what it does. I can do without the beauty points …

And yet, maybe as an extra bit of information: When I had another dashboard with other instruments installed the fuel guage would show + F when full and exactly E when empty. So I don’t think it all depends on the sender. And frankly, I wouldn’t touch the tank. You may open a can of worms to re-install the sender without resulting fuel leaks … It might be a much easier solution to pull the guage and calibrate the gauge somewhat higher. Maybe it is even adjustable.

Good luck


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Thanks for all those comments - so it does look as if the senders are in the front of the tanks - not the rear. Highlights why it is good to ask on the forum before work starts.

In that case I will leave things as they are until I have to pull tanks sometime in the future. It is just annoying to have the fuel gauge reading 1/2 full when covering only 40km. - Likewise there is still a considerable amount of fuel remaining when both tanks show empty.



Might be a float issue on both, Garry - but actions would be the same…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)