Fuel guage no work. New sender


A fellow in our local Jag Club has a '1996 XJ6.
The fuel gauge stopped working, so he put in a new sender, but no joy.
I don’t see a fuse listed. Is it the cluster, or is there another possibility?

Here is the TSB issued by Jaguar when I worked at the dealer years ago.

The TSB is a general guide to understanding the operation parameters.

You might have a fault in the wiring or the gauge?

05-1-13 Incorrect Fuel Gauge Reading.pdf (106.9 KB)

Thank you Bob, you are always helpful.
That procedure is a little intimidating, but I’ll give it a try.


Actually repairing the car and keeping the customers happy all while keeping your job as a mechanic can be a little intimidating but I managed to ‘muddle-through’.

Jaguar did keep up the training and TSB info throughout the years.

Sometimes the special tools are not required but just figuring out what-is-where gets you to the end result.

Before I crashed my big motorcycle, no gauge, I’d zero the trip odo when I filled up, then when it hit 100 miles I’d be looking to reload. Maybe on the Jag start looking at 250 after filling up, at least you’ll have a feel for what’s in the tank and not sputter out.