Fuel Injector Hose Question

Has anyone used PTFE hose for the fuel injectors? I’m looking at upgrading the hose and supposedly that is the top of the line hose right now. How did/is it holding up? Seems to be resistant to alot of the problems that seem to go along with the fuel injection system

PTFE is the acronym for the very long chemical name of one of the hose components. It is better known to the layman as Teflon. Supposedly (from the short investigation I did) it requires special fittings for connections, which would eliminate it from use on the rail or injectors. Find an FI hose that is CARB compliant. They already did the research for you. SD Faircloth www.jaguarfuelinjectorservice.com

I’m interested myself as I need to overhaul my FI system. A UK vendor on eBay touts aramid technology, but that is just the inner reinforcing, not the material in contact with the fuel, or the hot engine bay. I’d like to know more about the “aerospace” materials in a number of claims - I’m not sure that a regular jet engine runs on the same unleaded petrol that I use.

Jet engines run on kerosene. And there are no rubber hoses in the fuel system.

Summit racing has product listed as PTFE hose which is why I was wondering. Best ratings for heat, pressure, and all automotive fluids virtually. Ill need to do more research on sizing etc. Pintles and ferrules it seems are available too. Ill post back after I’ve had a proper sit down and possibly try it out as an experiment if I can make it work.

Again so a semi close look. 6AN ptfe hose works as a 5/16 inside. There are ferrules that work supposedly. Ill order and try out and get back.

You probably should try to confirm that the hose you’re looking at is designed for use on clampless barbs. We had some trouble with some types of hose that were supposedly the latest and greatest but leaked when the pressure came on.

Yea…what I said two days ago. Even the description notes at Summit for any of the PTFE hose says…“requires PTFE fittings”. I’ll find a store with a good fire extinguisher and post the link. SD Faircloth www.jaguarfuelinjectorservice.com

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Just get the Gates barricade hose that we all use, it is very well made and safe and fits perfectly. And easy to find.