Fuel lines to fuel tank sprong clips

I have beeh through all my sources and these (CBC 8293 & CBC 8294) clips are no longer available. Even ‘Evreyday XJ’ can’t supply them. Anyone gort a couple laying around that are looking for a new home?

Here you are :slightly_smiling_face:

I once dropped one on the top of the diff/suspension of a car I was working on and could NOT find it!!! I looked for half an hour and gave up.

I went to the office and got a spring steel key ring to fashion one to replace it.

Installed and the car left the shop. Years later it was still there!!(I checked whenever the car came in for service)


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Thanks for the info. Barret has CBC8294 on back order. That is the one that is NLA here. I will try to make them After I get it shaped, get it red hot and cool it in hot oil. Tada… springy.

Thanks for the info. The only way I will find mine is to drop the rear end. I will take your advice and try to make some. Seems the smaller one is still available, but CBC8294 is NLA.

Best not to remove them, just rotate them 1/4 turn to release fuel lines.