Fuel pump advice needed

Hi Everyone,

It sounds like my fuel pump is going to give up soon. It just became loud today. I was looking on Ebay and there seems to be a few different ones with price ranges from about $75 to $150. Since it is rather arduous to remove the tank, I would like to buy a pump that won’t break down soon. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Noise can be bad or not.
Replace fuel filter FIRST to see if the pump is just overloaded.
(A MY would be nice)

Almost all the XJ40 in-tank pumps are made by Walbro, so no matter what brand you buy, Airtex, Walbro, Bosch etc, you will be buying a re-boxed Walbro, (regardless of price) so buy the cheapest one you can.

Rock Auto has a selection, with one for as little as $18 BTW

If you look at the picture of the Airtex on RockAuto, you can see part of the word “Walb…” in the enlargement.
I fitted an Airtex “Walbro” several years ago with no complaints - at that time it was the cheapest - I think I paid around $20 for it.

Just remember if you do have to pull the tank just turn the clips on the pipes 90 deg and do NOT take them off completely.

Just for my info, is this the fuel pump module that also includes the tank sending unit?

John - The in-tank pumps sit in a plastic “can” that does not come with a new pump.The pump is just that, a high capacity rotary vane pump.

It has nothing to do with the sender unit, that is an independent device that is located at the back of the tank and uses a conventional float/rheostat system.

Larry thanks for your response. I must be thinking of a later car or perhaps a Range Rover where the pump module included the sending unit. I think the 1991 and later XJ40 in-tank pumps were adopted to avoid the fuel pump vapor lock situation in extreme hot weather that my 1990 car has suffered from a few times.

Hi Everyone,

I replaced the fuel filter about 2 years ago so I don’t think that’s the problem, but guess what? The noise is gone. The pump is quiet again. I purchased a bottle of marvel mystery oil and poured 8 ounces into the gas tank. I’m beginning to wonder if the detergent separated from the fuel since this happened after a fill up. We are going through an end of summer heatwave right now. I’m not sure if that has something to do with the problem.

Hi Everyone,

It’s been over a week now and there are no further symptoms. I am now purchasing fuel from a different gas station instead of the convenience store one. I’ll provide updates every now and then to see if the problem was actually the fuel.