Fuel reserve chrome fittings on the boot

Hi has anybody got close ups of the chrome fittings for the fuel reserve on the boot of a 1948 MK 4
mine are missing , I have attached a photo showing the holes for the fittings



These are on my '38 SS.

Tanks for that Rob, mine has another hole and two smaller ones below that also in the picture, not sure what would have been there also
I lived in the US for 8 years and my daughter is still out there, are they any vintage jag breakers out there I am looking for a MK 4 horn push


Sorry Mike,

Ken’s coach builder should have filled in the two holes below the reserve tap. He has filled in the two on the offside wing. They were for holding horrible additional rear lights.



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I thought they were probably for some added lights, not unusual with these oldies.
I’ve added brake and tail lights out at the ends of the bumper.

There’s not much for Mark IV parts over here. Some Mark V, but I am more and more finding myself searching British sources. Worcester Classic Spares is where I would try first.

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