Fuel sending unit not working properly

tank is fine ,I cleaned and coated it. I am still thinking it is the rong unit

I replaced the fuel sending unit many years ago and I just bent the arm till it worked. I didn’t know there were different ones for the Cabriolet.

Jim 1984 XJSC 3.6L Brighton UK

bent it once, will try again…

which way did you bent the rod…forward to front of tank or backward… bent forward, gauge reads just above empty, Gas level in tank just below where the sending unit goes in. Michael 85 xjs

Is the rod bent like this?

this is the latest bend…need bigger pic?

Full photo from unit face to float. Try to lay your out at the same angle as the one in the photo.

Hard to tell from the different angles, but the bends and straight lengths may be different.

very simular