Full flow v12 oil modifications


Friends, new to the forum. Can anyone tell me if this modification would work on my 1987 Jaguar v12? I would remove the original oil cooler and just run a line from the bypass housing to the front of the pan and install this kit. Thank you

I believe that’ll work. What are you gonna do with the A/C condenser which sits on top of that original oil cooler?


I am not running air conditioning. The engine is being used for a British Hot Rod. Your book and this website have been a wealth of information. Thanks

Well, Holy Flexible Flyer, TR Man!!!

THAT is a righteous hot rod!

As for the oil mod? Fairly commonly did that same style of cooler on various race cars: be sure not to overcool the oil.

Thanks Paul, my understanding is that the 6.0 runs a full flow oiling system without a thermostat. Would you suggest I run a cooler in and around the size of the 6.0? I am not really sure if a oil cooler is needed to be honest. Will be running a much modified cooling system with an Davies Craig electric water pump. Perhaps better control engine heat through this?

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In a water-cooled engine, it’s normal that most heat is rejected by the water radiator.

That said, oil needs to warm up faster than the water, and not be allowed to run too cool, that being, under ~180F.

Did they use an oil thermostat in the OE set-up?

Yes the engine currently in the car is fitted with a thermostatically controlled bypass system. There are at least a dozen forums I have read on this site about the good, bad and ugly of this system. The car will never see the winter, so thought I would set up systems on the side of caution. There is not a lot of room under the hood of the TR.

Not anymore…:grimacing:

Hard to see on the small pic but i would not run a full-flow cooler on hose clamp connections. Ask how many psi/bar the cooler is rated at…

I would also only apply an oil-cooling fix to an engine with an oil cooling problem. I seriously doubt you could stay alive or licensed and run the kind of sustained high engine speeds needed to overheat oil,

An oil temp gauge is permanently useful whereas a cooler without knowing the temp could be counterproductive. Fit a gaue and save yourself time, money and space.

Has anyone done this modification on their V12, results. Thxs