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  1. Check out "file://members.aol.com/danmas4/mgv8.htm. It began life as
    the MG
    V-8 site and, as you can see, is open to any British car now. Check out
    links, you can find answers to just about any question.
  2. Also check out “file://www.mgcars.org.uk”. This site is just MG, but
    those of you considering lumping a B or just improving performance on the
    bangers, great archives, as well as current MG information, especially the
    LeMans effort.
  3. Our next British V-8 convention isn’t until 2002, probably in the
    southern Michigan area. We usually meet for 3-4 days, schedule drag strip
    and road course time if available, as well as autocross, tech sessions,
    vendors, and car show. FYI, there is a new road course being constructed
    near Jacksonville, Fla and we’ve been invited to hold our meets there.
    Completion time expected sometime late this year or next. I’d like our
    members to meet there annually in the late winter, it is currently under
    discussion. The owner, Don Panos, who also owns Sebring, extended the
  4. The MG Cars site has an events calendar. Check it out. Lots of all
    British events around the US that you all probably already know about. I
    attend Carlisle (coming 18-20 May), Pa. Great flea market. The Roadster
    Factory Summer Party in Armagh, Pa., end of July, beginning of Aug. More
    towards sports cars, but, I’ve seen Jags there. Great concours in
    Pa on the last day. Also, in the D.C. area is the Bowie British Car Day.
    Should be near the end of June. Some great cars there. A lot of the
    purists go there, but, the MG V-8s are becoming more of a presence.
    pay attention to Lumped Jags the last time I was there, sorry. Might have
    been some. MGs of Lancaster, Pa. has a great British car show in early
    Sept, I believe. The one time I attended, they put on a polo match.

I am currently thinking of buying a Mark III to lump. I’d like to attach
trailer hitch and pull the B to the meets. Anyone have experience with
trailer towing with a Jag, please give me advice.

Bob Fish

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I'm new to the list, but not at all new to lumped MGBs.  I've had



for 20 years and been a member of the MGB V-8 Registry for about 5

I’ve attended 3 of their conventions. This years was at Sebring Race
Course, where they actually let us drive our hi-po Bs around the

Fools that they were. Anyway, I tend to agree that they are a little

complex than the Jag to 350 conversions which I want to do, but not by
much if the right car is selected.

One of our members put a 454 big block with custom headers in a S


Now that's a lump!!


FYI, our registry has a great printed newsletter, with lots of


articles encompassing everything from motor choices, tranny choices


ends; and “how I done it” as well.

    You didn't mention the address in case one would like to


Our members have done everything from

Ford 2.8 V-6s, Chevy 2.8/3,1/3.4L V-6s, Buick/Olds alum V-8s, Chevy
V-8s, Ford 5.0Ls and I’ve even seen a Buick 455 in a B. I chose the

V-6 and 5 speed for our '72 B, because a friend has developed a kit to
the Chevy 60 deg. V-6 motor in any year B that is possibly easier to


a 350 in a Jag. Another friend has been timed in his MGB GT with

2.8L and 5 speed in the high 14s at his local drag strip using the


rear end (a very strong rear).

Our registry has expanded to include any lumped British sports

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like to see some of the lumped Jags at our meets. I think they’d be

    Details man, when and where? I am sure there are some of us that

have a go at it. We have some mighty fine examples on this list!

We put up with a little attitude from the purists who think we

are wrecking out cars, I would imagine similar to what you folks do.

     Thus had been a cause for some grief in the past, and there are

still some
hangers on to the idea. But for the most part, the attitude has
in the past year and a half or so.

    This list is oriented to Lumped Jaguars,
    It will retain the original concept.....

    But I invite all to participate, AS LONG  AS,  it doesn't become
    "all about"  other marques, and over power the original concept.

    Lumps Admin.
    Customized 83 XJ6 /350/700R4/

Bob Fish