Fw: [pre-xk] A modern gearbox for 3.5 litre Saloon?

Hi Ingemar,

David Davenport, Davenport Cars, has installed a 5 speed in a SS/3.5L
saloon. I believe that it’s from a Ford product. 5th gear is an overdrive so
highway cruising can be done at lower RPM with less engine stress. It also
has a near correct extension so the shift lever is near the original

David can be contacted at Davenport Cars, New Farm, Tetford, UK,
info@davenportcars.co.uk, country code plus 2476-203322. or his web site

I have no affiliation with Davenport Cars, I’m just passing along the
information requested.


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Subject: [pre-xk] A modern gearbox for 3.5 litre Saloon ?

Is it possible to mount a modern 5 gear gearbox or a 4 gear with
OD ?

Which gearbox is the best for me ?

Any modifications?

My car is a 3.5 Litre Saloon

Ingemar �senlund