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Bob Grossman

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From: Robert T. Grossman <@Bob_Grossman>
To: Mike Eck mikeeck@optonline.net
Date: 8/28/2004 9:32:43 PM
Subject: Re: [xk-engine] big end bearings

Peter, I agree with Mike. True, a quick diagnostic for big end problems
is to start the engine with slight throttle after the oil has had the
opportunity to drain down and the rod bearings are “dry”. You need to take
a look at the big picture to help you make a decision; what is the hot oil
pressure at idle and 2000 RPM, how much and how hard do you drive the car,
how long do you plan to keep the car, how much wear is on the crank
journals, how much taper and how much ovality to the journals, and finally,
finances. Most of the questions can be answered with a simple pan removal
to ‘mike’ the crank journals and look at the lead indium layer on the
bearings - if the copper is showing, they definitely should be replaced,
but you are on shaky ground if the crank is undersized, rough, tapered or
oval. If you need to pull the engine to regrind the crank, then the prudent
course is to rebuild the engine. I too think a second opinion is needed.
Bob Grossman

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